Welcome to Jacked N’ Shredded.

I was a little squirt sitting in front of the TV when all of a sudden the movie “Commando” came on. Couple mins into the movie, I see this massive beast (Arnold) carrying an entire tree on his shoulder, and a chain saw in hand as if both weigh less than a feather. I remember thinking to myself holy crap that guy is a monster! I WANT TO BE JACKED N SHREDDED JUST LIKE HIM!

That was the day I fell in love with bodybuilding and keeping a strong aesthetic physique.

It took me a long time to start putting consistent work into the sport, as I didnt know where to start. I would train for a couple of months. Newbie gains would slow down. I would get bored and quit.

That was the pattern for me for many years.

Eventually I decided that was it. I was going to learn everything I can in search of MY perfect physique. I went bought multiple books. (Arnold's original bodybuilding encyclopedia is my favorite to this day.)

I gave it all I got. I made a goal that for the next three months, I would take ZERO days off.

My goal was to create a habit like brushing my teeth. If I didn't go to the gym, my day, my schedule, my body and my mind would feel gross and just off, as if something was missing

My plan worked PERFECTLY! After a while, the hardest days became the days that I had to skip gym.

The gym had become that 1-2 hrs a day of just ME time. Where I could go, shift my focus from all the daily BS and negatives towards my goals and wellbeing.

After about six months of going to my local gym, I got a job in membership sales.

Which, in turn, motivated me to get my training certificate through CANFITPRO and purse becoming a person trainer.

Once those goals were achieved, and my body was still progressing. I was continued learning as much as I could.

I wanted to take my physique to the next level and I found an excellent opportunity to motivate me exactly towards that.

A supplement company was running a transformation competition! This was precisely the boost I needed to push my focus to another level.

Not having money for a trainer at the time, I put all my knowledge to the test. I had to write my own meal and training plans.

At the time I had a son that was less than a year old, I started a new job at a hospital as an MDRT, still owned my detailing and paint restoration shop. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it, but i was determined to give it all I got!

Juggling a baby and two jobs I was still training 3+ hours per day all the while keeping my nutrition perfect. I mean to the point that not a drop of ketchup would touch my plate unless it was accounted for.

My sleep was cut to probably 3-5hrs per night. From lack of sleep, physical work, and lack of calories. I was getting to the point that I was falling asleep standing up at times.


I KNEW that NOBODY was going to outwork me and I was telling people I ALREADY WON the competition before it was even over. There was simply NO WAY that anybody could outwork me.

Sure enough, when the day came, I WON!

It was the biggest confidence booster ever. I landed a one-year supplement sponsorship, which ended up with me being sponsored by them for the next 3 YEARS to come!

This experience truly changed my life and confidence level. It was one moment in my life where the outcome FULLY depended on my work ethic and no other outside source. It was a true test of my will and determination.

I wish that every single person gets to experience this and realize truly how much can be accomplished when you give something full 100% focus!

After a while, career path in healthcare was taking priority as it was my main source of income at the time so I dropped my sponsorship, stopped training people and focused more on my main job at the hospital.

It was a big mistake for me, as my TRUE PASSION lies in fitness.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my job in healthcare. But there is something that feels a lot more personal of working with a person 1 on 1 for many months. Watching them transform their health, physique, confidence and life.

Most people truly don’t realize the amount of benefits exercising constantly can have on all aspects of your life and well being.

Training and coaching people is where I feel I make the most significant impact on people.

It has always been and always will be a joy for me to watch people progress and succeed.

My happiness lies in making impact on peoples lives and sharing all the knowledge I have gathered over the years of training and being in the fitness industry.

So I hope that you will be able to learn something useful from me and stick around. If not, I hope that I was able to motivate you at least a little!