Zero Cardio Fat Loss?



Be done with cardio for once and for all!

For years now you have been drilled over and over that you HAVE to do endless amounts of cardio to lose weight or fat.  

In reality, this COULDN’T BE FURTHER from the TRUTH! 

Now, now!  Slow down!!!  Before you pull out your torches and grab your pitch forks to come after me; 

Cardio does have its place in your workout routines.  BUT it is NOT necessary for you to lose weight or fat!  

First, we have to look at what makes us lose weight or fat, right?

Simply put, fat loss is nothing more than calories in vs calories out. 

If you are in a surplus of calories at the end of the day, you gain weight. 

Meaning, if you eat 3000 calories worth of McDonald’s in a day but burn 2500 calories by the end of the day, then you are left with a 500 calories surplus. Now you store that 500 calories as fat. 

If you are in a deficit of calories at the end of the day, you lose weight.

Meaning, if you eat 3000 calories worth of Taco’s but end up burning 3500 calories by the end of the day, then you are in a deficit of 500 calories.  Which means, you lose 500 calories worth of fat. (Quick tip: studies show that on average a lb of fat equals 3500 calories. So if the goal is to lose 1lb per week, you have to generate a deficit of 3500 calories by the end of the week)

To better understand my theory, this tip will be at the end!

10lbs of muscle burns 50 calories at rest throughout the day, while 10lbs of fat burns only 20 calories at rest throughout the day.

Here is what you need to do to lose fat without cardio!



Avg. slice of pizza is 260 Calories!

We have to generate a calorie deficit of 3500 calories per week to lose 1lb of fat.  The simplest and fastest way to do that is to EAT LESS!  

To give you an example:  

ONE HOUR of moderate cardio will equal to about 290 calories burned (depending on weight, height and age of person)

ONE SLICE OF PIZZA equals, on average, 260 calories.  

This is where the saying, “You can’t out train a bad diet” comes from.

It is much much easier to eat 1200 calories in an hour than it is to burn 1200 calories in a day.

My own research and experiences.

I have tried losing fat with 3 methods.

Steady State Cardio 

This took a lot of time out of my day.  I would train on average 60-90mins followed by 30mins of cardio and on my off days I would do about 45-60mins of cardio.  It made me feel like I was living in the gym which made it difficult to schedule the rest of my day. 

It was great at generating a higher calorie deficit which, in turn, also increased my hunger.  

The fat loss was there obviously, due to generating a large calorie deficit.  

HIIT Cardio

This I usually did 15mins before my training doing interval training.  It got me sweating real quick and burned on average 100-150 calories within those 15mins. This was nice as it wasn't taking up hours of my day sitting on cardio machines - which I hate by the way!

If I had time at the end of my workout, I would add an additional 10-15mins of HIIT.

It generated a bit of a better look at lower body-fat percentage as I found myself showing more vascularity.  

Fat loss rate was same as steady state cardio.

No Cardio

Full disclaimer, I did about 10-15mins once or twice a week just to keep my cardiovascular health in check.  But it wasn’t geared towards fat loss at all and calories burned, 100 at most are negligible.

Here,  I simply calculated my calorie deficit based on my daily activity level and training with zero cardio put into account.  

It was nice to walk into the gym and just hit the weights. THAT is what I love to do. I LOVE TO TRAIN! I don’t find cardio challenging enough so I just get bored.  

Since I was in a calorie deficit, my fat loss rate was the same.  I was ready for my photo shoot in 3 months time as with the previous two.  I felt happier and better as I had more time to do other things in my day and didn't feel as if gym was fully taking over my life.  

My overall physique ended up in the same place as steady state cardio and just a little less vascular than when I was doing HIIT consistently.  Nothing that anyone but me would notice though. 



If its cardio vs weights. Don’t ever second guess yourself. Weights win every time!

Reasons to DO or NOT to do cardio?

Again just to clarify, I am NOT anti-cardio. It has its place.  But also lets be real, how many of us have 2-3 hours every day to train?  Between work, kids, social life and many other factors, most of us are restricted to only 45-90mins for our alone time!  

With that being said, your time is way better spent lifting weights and building muscle than doing cardio - and YES IT INCLUDES YOU LADIES AS WELL!  

As I previously mentioned 10lbs of muscle burns 50 calories and 10lbs of fat burns 20 calories.  This is a negligible amount when you really think about it but it’s still a better improvement in your RMR.

Not to mention, on my average 60mins training session I’d end up burning about 500 calories!


  • You are limited on time at gym

  • You have to choose between lifting weights vs cardio (weights win! everytime!)

  • Your sole purpose of cardio is to lose weight/fat


  • You want to increase your cardiovascular strength

  • You are training for a marathon

  • You want to eat a slice of pizza

So which one DO YOU choose?

Spending one hour doing cardio being bored out of your damn mind, or just eating 290 calories less?  

Personally,  I will always choose to eat just a little less every single time, as my time is better spent else where! 

I am the creator, owner and author of Jacked N’ Shredded.  

I have been training for well over 10+ years with extensive knowledge in nutrition, training and supplements.

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